A Letter to The Indian Prime Minister

Posted in General by Karthick RM on January 1, 2009


The Prime Minister
South Block, Raisina Hill,
New Delhi 110 011.

Dear Sir,

Subject: Genocide of Tamils in Sri Lanka and India’s military aid to Lanka

It is with deep anguish and an overbearing sense of despair concerning the future of my Tamil brethren in Sri Lanka that I, a Tamil Indian, am compelled to write this letter. Attached is a list consisting of signatures taken from 966 students from 3 colleges in the city, who have expressed their solidarity with the Tamil cause. This effort is keeping in line with our Chief Minister’s request to ‘flood the PMO with telegrams’. However,

The pain which the Tamil refugees failed to convey,
Which the wails of the orphaned children failed to convey,
Which the tears of the widows failed to convey,
Which the cries of the desolate mothers failed to convey,
Of the abducted daughter,
Or her helpless father,
Of the infant born in death,
Of Chencholai, Padahuthurai, Vaharai,
Of the rivers of Tamil blood,
Can these letters ever convey?

I doubt it. At the most, they are only a symbolic gesture that the suffering of the Tamils in Lanka has its repercussions among Tamils in India. There is considerable consciousness among Tamils here about the atrocities being meted out to the Tamils in Lanka and there is a feeling of disappointment with the Indian State supplying arms to Sri Lanka. It is no secret that the Lankan state targets Tamil civilians under the cover of ‘battling rebels’.

A person who hails from a community that has been historically persecuted for its commitment to its ideals of justice, Sir, I consider it most unfortunate that a genocidal state should be aided under your regime. If India be responsible in any way for the deaths of Tamils in Sri Lanka, I believe it is the worst betrayal of the 6.6 crore Tamils of Tamil Nadu who have unlimited faith in the Indian democracy and the Tamils of Lanka who still look up to Tamil Nadu as their land of origin.

As a Tamil, an Indian, and a humanitarian, I request you to stop any aid whatsoever to the rogue state that is Sri Lanka and if possible, take steps to ensure the safety of the Eelam Tamils. India has a greater responsibility towards the genuine sentiments and aspirations of the Tamils, whether in India or Eelam, than to the ‘territorial integrity’ of Sri Lanka.

Yours Sincerely

Karthick Ram Manoharan

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