Heroes Day Celebration at JNU

Posted in Pamphlets and Reports by Karthick RM on November 28, 2009


The exhibition seeks to cover the course of the struggle of the Eelam Tamils for their home land. The majoritarian-racist Sinhala-state has sought to crush the legitimate aspirations of the Tamils ever since the 50’s through a series of chauvinist policies. Systematic attempts were made by the Lankan state to destroy the national culture, language, heritage and economy of the Tamils. Institutionalized discrimination, pogroms, repressive laws and state terror were used to render the Tamils as third-class citizens. These measures continue even today in a far worse manner – thousands of displaced persons generated by the Lankan state’s brutal ‘war on terror’ have been herded into concentration camps where they are subject all forms of atrocities imaginable. This only further legitimizes the position that an independent state of Tamil Eelam is the only solution for the problems of the Tamils.

The Tamils have heroically fought for their homeland against imperialist backed Sinhala aggression and will continue to do so.

On the historical occasion of Heroes Day, a day to commemorate the martyrs of the Eelam struggle, this exhibition is organized to express our solidarity with the Eelam Tamils.


Date: 27th November, 2009 (evening)
Venue: Ganga Dhaba
Delhi Tamil Students Union

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