Secret Weapon

Posted in Poetry by Karthick RM on February 17, 2010

Your bombs rain from the sky
Your tanks roll on our lands
Your bulldozers raze our homes to dust
Your bullets pierce the tender bodies of our children
Your masculinity ravages our loved ones
We are helpless, we are unarmed
– that is what you think
But we possess a secret weapon
Far more powerful than your bombs
Far more enduring than your tanks
Far more formidable than your bulldozers
Far more sharper than your bullets
Far more potent than your masculinity
For the weapon we possess
is something which you,
in all your vile hatred,
with all your cold calculations,
can never grasp
Our secret weapon is
our Love for Tamil Eelam!
And as long we possess that,
you will lose and
we will win!

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  1. Dileepan said, on February 18, 2010 at 2:54 am

    I love the flow buddy. Simple yet strikingly elegant…

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