Some Political Intellectuals

Posted in Poetry by Karthick RM on August 24, 2010

One day
some political intellectuals
of my country
will be questioned
by the simplest
of our people
and by those
who worked among these people
with their sweat and blood.

Oh, they wont be asked
to concretize on ideas
that they parrot
in their flowery language.
On their ability to
critique critiques.
On their vast knowledge
of things under
the sun and the moon.

They will be asked
“What did you do
while we lived, fought
and died as the masses,
with the masses?”

But my country’s political intellectuals
will be able to answer.
They wont be mute with shame
(Shame, after all, a revolutionary sentiment)
No vulture of silence
to pick at their guts,
being eagles of the word themselves.

And with their heads held high
they will reply
“You question our integrity?
Ask the rocks and the trees,
the flowers and the bees,
the endless cups of tea,
and the million cigarette butts,
they will tell you.
They will tell you
that we talked
about the Revolution.

We talked
about Lenin and the Soviet Union,
Mao and his Long March
Che and Bolivia
Charu da and Naxalbari
We talked and we talked
and we talked
about the Revolution.

So leave us alone
for we have a
lot of talking to do.
About the Revolution.”

Inspired by Otto Rene Castillo’s ‘Apolitical Intellectuals
Dedicated to Comrades who are working for a better future for humanity

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