A Love Letter to Jaffna

Posted in Poetry by Karthick RM on September 20, 2010

Dear love,
my ink has dried up.
So I write with tears,
but you can read.
For you do know
that a single tear
contains more meaning
than a thousand words.
How many such stories
have we composed such!

Love, I write to tell you
not to come here.
You will be violated
by arrogance, by ignorance
or worse – by ‘sympathy’
of those who talk high
but think less.
You are uncared for here.
You will pass unnoticed
or get a passing mention
in someone’s discourse.
People here like attention
and things that get attention.
And what they do not know
– what they did not bother to know,
does not exist for them.
So you dont exist.
But I know you do love…
Else I wouldnt exist.

Love, it is a strange world here.
A world of fantasies,
of imagined images,
of classes and class struggles,
of constructions, reconstructions
and deconstructions.
Of big words and grand plans.
I do not know
how your tales of truth
of barbed wires and mines,
mutilated bodies and scarred lives,
of a dark people
consigned to a darker fate
will be taken here.
(Probably some sympathetic soul
might say ‘tsk tsk, thats so bad’)

Believe me love,
many ears are deaf here,
many eyes blind,
many lips sealed,
as far as you are concerned.
As far as I am concerned.
Some ask me here
to think of the ‘world’
the way one asks the condemned
to think of heaven.
What would I do
with a world that has not you?
Would they ever understand?

But I write to tell you love
that you are not alone.
Even with all the world
against you, ignoring you,
you still have me
and my love.
Let others talk,
theorize, sympathize, whatever.
For ultimately it is our love
that will bear the test of fire
and that alone matters.
To me. To you.
See you soon.

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