A Lone Tiger Roars

Posted in Poetry by Karthick RM on June 20, 2011

Tiger! Tiger!
Burning bright!
Who stalks the forest
alone at night.
Stepping by the ravaged
remains of kin and comrades
and the blood of cubs,
with tensed muscles
and sad eyes,
in solitary anguish,
I prowl, I stalk and
I roar.

I roar in pain!
For there is no greater pain
than to be alive
when all that you loved
is dead, or dying.
The shrubs tell me stories
of an unfair hunt.
The lakes tell me tales
of lives extinguished.
The wind sings me a sonnet
of the brave and the departed,
twisting the sinews of my heart.
The stripes of my kind
are all over the forest
Even in the dew and sand,
visible only to the eye
of the Tiger. I see it all
through the fire of my eyes.

I roar in rage!
My roar shatters the skies
like thunder, strikes fear
in your hearts.
The fields tremor
under my paws which hold
the strength of Barani,
the slayer of one thousand elephants
They shall lay waste
to ten thousand lions
if needed.
I stalk the zoo
where my race is caged
and manned by scavengers.
They sense me, my blood,
and the forest call us yet again.
The contested land,
where one cant exist
while the other survives.
Nature’s law – tigers
and lions cannot live
in same territory.
You know that more than me,
you usurper.

I roar in vengeance!
The forest is mine!
I shall feed her soil
with your flesh,
decorate the trees
with your entrails,
and create monuments
with your bones.
You denied my past
I will deny your future.
You slaughtered my cubs
I shall hunt down yours.
You taught me pain,
I will teach you fear.
There is nowhere
to hide, fiend!
I will find you.
Hide in the deepest pit,
I will bury you there.
Hide in the highest hill,
I will slay you there.
Hide even in the heavens
my fangs will still find your throat.
And with bloody claws
I will paint red rainbows
on a yellow sky.
In face of my fury
lions turn to lambs.
Your pride will break
and shatter to dust.

And I will reign supreme
in North and East
And I will roar
till every bud,
every branch,
every worm,
acknowledges my destiny.
And then, I shall rest
my fearful symmetry.

This poem was written after I saw the Channel 4 Video on ‘Killing Fields’ in Sri Lanka

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4 Responses

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  1. Mango said, on August 8, 2011 at 7:11 pm

    “Bang, Bang”. The Tiger fell dead.

    • Karthick RM said, on August 8, 2011 at 7:19 pm

      Wow. If ‘dead’ Tigers can infuriate Lankans so much, I can only imagine…

  2. Sellaratnam said, on August 9, 2011 at 9:52 pm

    Valiant Tamil Tigers are bravest heroes the world ever saw.

  3. V. Thamilarasan said, on September 30, 2011 at 6:19 am

    Dear Karthik, After seeing the video, my blood did boil, I cursed the traiters in our place. What our loved ones would have felt when they die. I felt for our helpless brothers and sisters. Your poem really fits in all the Thamil peoples feeling. We will remain and we will not should not forgive or forget what happened to 150,000+ Thamil speaking people who died in vain. We are standing alone, rounded by the whole world powers, betrayed by our own black sheep(s). Someday our people will live in peace in their dear land called Eelam! Thamils all around the world should think hard on how to help the remaining living to get back on their feet.

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