Posted in Poetry by Karthick RM on January 28, 2012

We are not cattle
wandering alien lands
in search of greener pastures
Nor are we migratory birds
that change homes
as the season changes
No! All the world
is not our home!
Our home is worth
all the world and beyond!
Neither are all men
our relatives
Our kin are there.
Our kin, who beckon us
from their thuyilum illams
to join them in struggle
in this life and after…
We may traverse
woods, jungles, deserts, seas,
immigration, security
We may endure
hunger, starvation, suffering,
betrayal, scorn
We may stray alone
as a people in a hostile world
But tragedy, our tragedy,
makes us unique
if we grasp its depth
its meaning
and learn to emerge from it
a being fierce
a being free
And the dispersed souls
shall unite as a single mind
And the dismembered bodies
shall meld into an entity
And you will feel
what I feel
And I will see
what you see
And they will fall
when we rise
And the unceasing waves
of our life shall reach
the shores of our destiny
And… and… and…
And the first rays of the sun
will scatter our darkness
And the Karthigai poo
will find its roots
in the promised land
where it shall blossom for us
in all seasons.

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