Transcript of my Speech at Kurdish Mass Demonstration on Jan 13, London

Posted in Liberation Struggles by Karthick RM on January 14, 2013

More info about the demonstration can be found here

Her Biji Pishtgiri ya Shoreshgeri (I was told this means Long Live Revolutionary Solidarity)

Comrades, as I am honored to be in front of all of you today, I am also deeply saddened of the loss of the Kurdish nation of three beautiful flowers, of three revolutionaries. It is not your loss; it is our loss as well. Paris has a history of being a place filled with the blood of revolutionary martyrs. Be it the martyrs of the French Revolution or the martyrs of the Paris Commune. And that legacy, that tragic legacy, is continuing today. That day, it was the great revolutionary Maximillien Robespierre, it was the revolutionary Babeuf. In November, in November 2012, it was a Tamil activist fighting against the genocidal Sri Lankan state and fighting for the freedom of his people. And now, it is our wonderful Kurdish comrades. Sekine, Fidan and Leyla are not names of Kurdish women. They are the names of the Kurdish revolution. In Tamil, in the Tamil revolutionary movement, in our liberation struggle, we have a saying – “poaraaligal puthaikka paduvathillai vithaikka padugindraargal”. Our fighters are not buried, they are sown as seeds to rise again. But today we watch France, which is becoming a grooming ground for rogue oppressors who are killing activists, who are killing our comrades who are fighting for revolutionary peace, revolutionary justice and revolutionary freedom. But will the Kurdish nation be intimidated by this? We say, no! Will the Kurdish nation be afraid of this? We say no! Will the Kurdish nation cower before the bullets of assassins and rogues who are in the government and among oppressors over here? We say, no! For every Sekine they kill, for every Fidan they kill, for every Leyla they kill, there will be hundreds and thousands and hundreds of thousands of them. I conclude with a short verse of Pablo Neruda – “You can kill all the flowers, but you cannot stop the spring.” And this, we will tell to our oppressors.

Biji Kurdistan. Long live Kurdistan.
Long live Tamil Eelam.

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