An Excerpt from ‘The Activist’ – My First Work of Fiction

Posted in Society and Culture by Karthick RM on December 30, 2013

Read the full story at The Aerogram

““Idiots,” you thought. Cinema, college, placements, marriage. Your family seemed to know of nothing more than that. What would your father think? He may have joined them in their chatter. Or he may have kept to himself. Who knows? Idiots, the whole lot of them. Your family, your neighborhood, and the people you saw jogging in the streets outside. Tamil elites, a disgusting rot that has all the vulgarities of a bourgeois class but none of its virtues whatsoever. No sense of culture, no sophistication, no quest for the spectacular. My flat in South Chennai was full of them. Suffocating. Tonight things will change. You got up and moved towards the window that overlooked a fairly broad street lined with trees, buildings and fences. You alone will do it. Still waiting. No call.”

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