A Comment on “anti-Racism”

Posted in Society and Culture by Karthick RM on March 18, 2014

In a country where Whites constitute the overwhelming majority, they occupy 80% of posts in academia, corporations, judiciary etc. And that country is supposedly “racist”. But a country where only 3% of a population, a permanently closed in-group, controls over 90% of the resources is a what? Only yesterday, a friend, who is consistently opposed to “white racism”, from South Asian origins said that he was not in favor of Great Britain outlawing caste discrimination. Sometimes, I feel that “white racism” is the easiest thing to criticize, and those from the Third World, especially from South Asia like to jump in the bandwagon and declare themselves as “progressive anti-racists” only because they are either willfully ignorant of social stratification back home or they are just complicit in it. Either ways, a truly progressive politics has to recognize these people as no different from the White racists, or maybe even worse because they wear the mask of “being oppressed” as a privilege. We need another Lenin.

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