Against Neo-Draupadis

Posted in Politics by Karthick RM on May 31, 2014

Though my favorite epic is the Iliad, I like the Mahabharata too, chiefly because several of its themes and characters can be used as analogies to modern-day ones. Take for instance Draupadi. I would say that she is the ideological matriarch of modern-day mainstream Indian feminists. Independent woman, strong-willed, liberal with sexuality, etc etc. all while remaining thoroughly casteist. You couldn’t have avoided noticing the sound and the fury of the neo-Draupadis when a brutal crime happens to one of their own, like the Delhi case. But when it happens to one of ours – Tamils, Kashmiris, Dalits, Nagas, Mizos – their silence is deafening. Protests for the Dalit girls whose lives were brutally ended a few days back? Against genocidal rape in the occupied Tamil Eelam homeland? Abuse in Kashmir/Manipur/Jharkhand etc? Let alone lighting a candle to satisfy their consciences, I don’t think they would have even lit a Classic Menthol cigarette for the “Other” victims. Things get worse when they open their mouths for the “Other” people in rare occasions – what comes out is so miserable that one prefers their silence. (No ladies and gentlemen, I didn’t check Kafila to see if any radical feminist has written anything. Its been ages since I stopped visiting that stupid politically correct site.) Day by day, I am getting more and more convinced of the absolute emptiness of feminisms that lay claim to universalist status. I even wonder if this is just another ruling class strategy to divide and confuse the oppressed. The women of oppressed nations and social groups must fight as comrades with the men of their respective nations and social groups to radically alter the status quo. Let us leave the reactionary “ally” (a)politics to the daughters of Draupadi. Let the sons and daughters of the Isaipriyas, the Bhotmanges, the Phulmonis, the Sakines fight as comrades, with unity as our shield, and discipline as our spear.

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